Happy Holidays

To help those who need it this holiday season. xxx pharmacy has adopted a pair of angels for Christmas.
George is 4yrs old. He wears size 6 pjs, slipper, shirt and pants. Coat and sweatsuit size is medium.
Keyla M is 3. She wears size 5 pajamas and slippers, small blowse, size 5 pants, and a medium coat, sweats and gloves. Her dress size is 5.
With over 20 people working here, I think we can help these two have a very nice Christmas. All gifts must be new and will be given anonymously. We will collect all gifts in the office. Every thing should be here by Monday, Dec 15th.
Please talk amongest yourselves to help spread out the gifts so both children get a fair share of gifts. You may follow the above or branch out into toys and treats.
読み終わると、この心温かい行為に涙もろい私は目頭が熱くなってジーンとなった。アメリカでは、クリスマスシーズンをむかえると、会社、学校、病院などあらゆるところでこのように恵まれない子たちを受け入れてみんなでプレゼントをあげるのだ。日本ではあまりない風習で、アメリカにいてよかったと思う瞬間でもある。George と Keyla、どんな子かまったく知らないけど、今から何をあげようかと考えるだけでなんだか幸せな気持ちになってきた。


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